Streamlined MODELING

White Papers & Selected Book Chapters

Here are some of our favorite white papers and chapters from our books.

Streamlined Object Modeling

Thanks to our publisher, Prentice Hall, we can now provide our much requested Appendices in PDF form for your handy reference. As a bonus we have include Chapter 4, Collaboration Rules.

The following chapters are from Streamlined Object Modeling ©2001 Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall PTR.

White Papers

  • Business Object Modeling with Collaboration Patterns
    • A concise explanation of the importance of business object patterns, the four categories of business objects, and the twelve collaboration patterns sufficient to model all business domains.
  • Object Inheritance : Definition, Uses, and Motivations
    • This article clearly explains the differences in class and object inheritance, shows the importance of object inheritance in object modeling, and reveals object inheritance implementation techniques for Java.
  • Putting Business Rules into Business Objects
    • This article goes beyond concepts explained in the book, Streamlined Object Modeling, and explains the philosophy behind enforcing business rules with business objects, and more detailed design principles for enforcing rules in business objects, including: (1) when to check rules, (2) when to bypass rules, (3) and the three layers of business rule checking. Finally, techniques for making business rule checking a fundamental part of any business object's implementation are illustrated in Java.