Software Maker. Agilist. Nice Guy.

Howdy! If you are here for a bit of background on me, read on. Otherwise, the links to the side are likely of much more use to you.

I have been writing software for fun and profit for quite a while. In that time I have played a lot of roles in making things happen: developer, analyst, project manager, UI designer, and more. I am a firm believer that the goal of software is solely to provide value to those who use it. While a fan of Agile and Lean methods, I know that ultimately the process does not matter as much as the result and the cost to achieve that result.

Currently, I work with Improving Enterprises as the Technical Director of their College Station office. Improving is an amazing company, providing software consulting services including technical and project management training, Agile coaching and mentoring, and certified consulting. My role in College Station is to help shape the Rural Sourcing offering.